ChatGPT in June 2023: An annotated bibliography for ALL professionals

  • Owen Wilson The University of Sydney
  • Joshua Billam Australia Education Management Group


This annotated bibliography includes 10 of the most interesting texts on ChatGPT published between January and May 2023. They are a radio broadcast, articles written by university educational innovation departments, peer-reviewed empirical research articles, a white paper, and a government framework. The bibliography covers all of the ChatGPT topics an Academic Language and Learning (ALL) educator needs for an up-to-date opinion on it in June 2023, but with extra focus on innovative learning applications for both teachers and students. It was written to be current, concise and accurate; useful, interesting, occasionally entertaining, and engaging

Author Biographies

Owen Wilson, The University of Sydney

Owen works at the University of Sydney Learning Hub. He holds a PhD in Education and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Association.  His research interests are student identity, agency, wellbeing, and ChatGPT.

Joshua Billam, Australia Education Management Group

Joshua works at the Australia Education Management Group. He is pursuing a PhD in Education.

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