An investigation into post-entry English language assessment at Australian universities

  • Katie Dunworth Curtin University of Technology
Keywords: English language competence, language assessment


This paper describes a research study that identified the use of and attitudes towards post-entry language assessments (PELAs) in Australian universities. The study, which was conducted using desk research, online surveys and semi-structured interviews with key informants, found that PELAs are used in over one third of Australian universities, with a further twelve institutions planning to introduce them. While most PELAs are currently limited to specific discipline areas, there is a growing interest in offering them at an organisation-wide level. The study found that there was ambivalence towards the introduction of PELAs, with participants applauding the desire to address issues of English language competence or academic literacy while simultaneously expressing concern that some fundamental questions about their usefulness had not yet been addressed.

Author Biography

Katie Dunworth, Curtin University of Technology
Associate Professor, School of Education
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Dunworth, K. (2009). An investigation into post-entry English language assessment at Australian universities. Journal of Academic Language and Learning, 3(1), A1-A13. Retrieved from
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