A cross-disciplinary approach to embedding: A pedagogy for developing academic literacies

  • Anna M Maldoni
Keywords: Unit Support Program, academic literacy, embedding, team teaching


Resulting from a major restructure of academic support at one Australian university, the lowering of English language entry requirements and the diversification of the Higher Education sector, there is substantial concern that the needs of students at this university are not adequately met. Existing research now recognizes the critical role that embedding academic literacies into the disciplines plays in addressing the demands of the tertiary environment. This paper reports on the expansion of the Unit Support Program (USP), an embedded, integrated and team taught initiative, from first to second and third years in three units across two disciplines. The focus is particularly on the nature of the collaborative process between discipline and academic language and literacy staff and considers the unique team teaching aspect of this cross-disciplinary approach to embedding as a model of best practice. It examines the methods of negotiating the shared teaching and learning space both in and out of the classroom, models collaborative practices, and identifies the associated benefits these provide to both students and academic staff.

Author Biography

Anna M Maldoni
Academic Manager, University of Canberra College
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MaldoniA. M. (2017). A cross-disciplinary approach to embedding: A pedagogy for developing academic literacies. Journal of Academic Language and Learning, 11(1), A104-A124. Retrieved from https://journal.aall.org.au/index.php/jall/article/view/422
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