Strategies for developing effective ALL websites


  • Sage Leslie-McCarthy Australian National University
  • Jodi Tutty Australian National University


learning websites, website development


Websites, used for learning, administration and marketing, are now part of most Academic Language and Learning (ALL) Centres. Centres are spending increasing time, effort and funds on redeveloping and maintaining these websites. The changing nature of the technology, and the different expectations of users, mean that we are thinking about our websites and their potential in new ways. However, these new directions also pose significant challenges in terms of technical skills, resources, priorities, and pedagogy. This study surveyed ALL practitioners from universities across Australia about the purposes of their websites, the processes used to develop them, future directions for their sites, and the challenges this may involve. Practitioners aim to develop widely accessible, interactive sites that encourage active learning; however, due to challenges in funding, prioritisation, time availability, and expertise, Centres reported frustration in meeting these goals. Based on a review of the educational and IT development literature, this paper argues that a reconsideration of our websites’ audience and purpose and the processes through which we design sites and allocate resources based on priorities may assist ALL Centres in reconsidering and meeting their web design goals.




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