JALL Conference Special Issue – new call for additional submissions


In light of the changing environment in Higher Education around the world, particularly amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we invite additional commentaries, reflections and papers that respond to this situation from an ALL perspective.

In addition, as the Special Issue focuses on the conference theme “A(a)ll Around the World”, which invited international and intercultural perspectives of ALL work and challenged delegates to consider:

Which cultural assumptions about language and learning do we need to question?

we particularly invite responses to this provocation and transcultural perspectives that reconsider or re-examine established norms and approaches to ALL theory, research, policy and practice. We encourage authors to be creative in the way they communicate ideas and to feel free to extend the boundaries of established Western academic writing practices. For further guidance, please refer to the guidelines for reflections and commentaries.

The deadline for new submissions is 31st July.

Maggie and Meriel, Guest Editors for the JALL Special Conference Issue 2020

Maggie McAlinden  m.mcalinden@ecu.edu.au     Meriel Griffiths meriel.griffiths@uwa.edu.au