Extension to submission deadline for AALL conference special issue


Dear colleagues,

In response to the COVID-19 disruptions we have decided to extend the deadline for submissions to the JALL special conference edition to Thursday 30th April. 

About the conference edition:  The Special Issue will address responses to the conference theme of A(a)ll Around the World, which focussed on international and intercultural perspectives of ALL work. We invite papers, commentaries, reflections, book reviews and letters related to any of the following sub-themes and conference provocations:


Which cultural assumptions about language and learning do we need to question?

What do we, as educational leaders, need to do to support student success?

How do we create and maintain connection in a digital world?


  • transcultural learning         
  • university cultures
  • inclusivity     
  • readiness
  • academic writing     
  • language proficiency
  • new technologies     
  • multi-modal approaches
  • enabling technologies         
  • postgraduate research students
  • learner identities
  • peer-to-peer learning
  • online pedagogies

Thanks to everyone who has already sent in submissions for the conference edition; we look forward to receiving further submissions.

Keep safe and well,

Maggie and Meriel, Guest Editors for JALL Special Conference Issue 2020

Maggie McAlinden  m.mcalinden@ecu.edu.au    Meriel Griffiths meriel.griffiths@uwa.edu.au