Vol 12, No 1 (2018)

Special Issue: Proceedings of the 13th Biennial Conference of the Association for Academic Language and Learning

Table of Contents


Introduction to the Special Issue PDF
Fiona Henderson, Corinna Ridley E1-E2

Research Articles

Online learning strategies to recruit and train Student Mentors: Opportunities for development and integration with face-to-face strategies PDF
Ana Garcia-Melgar A1-A14
Academic Language and Learning (ALL) in Australia: An endangered or evolving species? PDF
Carolyn Malkin, Kate Chanock A15-A32
Using digital peer observation to balance professional development and performance evaluation PDF
Rachel Anna Maissan, Fiona Elizabeth Perry A33-A47
Whole of institution academic language and learning practice: Systemic implications PDF
Susan Hoadley, Kerry Hunter A48-A63
Building cultural and linguistic bridges: Reflections on a program designed to support adult students from refugee backgrounds’ transitions into university PDF
Sally Baker, Evonne Irwin, Homa Freeman, Simone Nance, Julia Coleman A64-A80
“Ask a Question”: Student use and misuse of online academic skills support PDF
Sally A. Ashton-Hay, Zihan Yin, Andrew S. Ross A81-A96
The otherness of writing in the engineering curriculum: A practice architectures perspective PDF
Rosalie Goldsmith, Keith Willey A97-A114
Going digital: Challenges and opportunities in transforming face to face ALL workshops into online versions PDF
Alexandra Isabel García A115-A127
The role of learning advisors and support staff within an increasingly differentiated student community PDF
Elizabeth Ann Norman, Edwina Clare Newham A128-A140
What ‘counts’ as numeracy preparation in enabling education programs? Results of a national audit PDF
Evonne Lee Irwin, Sally Baker, Ben Carter A141-A155
Supporting university students with socially challenging behaviours through professional development for teaching staff PDF
Sarah Veitch, Karin Strehlow, James Boyd A156-A167
Flying Start: Partnering with students and other stakeholders to support the transition into doctoral study PDF
Steve Johnson, Melinda Nicola, Julia Hobson A168-A178
Developing a self-regulated curricula of scaffolded academic and information literacies in a digital learning environment PDF
Sasikala Nallaya, Lorien Delaney, Harry Savelsberg, Cenz Lancione A179-A192
Content Matters: Curriculum development challenges in academic writing programs PDF
Andrew Gordon Johnson A193-A212
Academic integrity and referencing: Whose responsibility is it? PDF
Jennifer Dawn Marsh, Jennifer Campion A213-A226
Design of a Mental Calculation App for Paramedic Students PDF
Brendan J Hall, Andrew Bell, John Latham A227-A238
The proof of the pudding … analysing student written texts for evidence of a successful literacy intervention PDF
Linda Devereux, Kate Wilson, Anne Kiley, Maya Gunawardena A239-A253
LANTITE: A driver for innovative literacy and numeracy practices PDF
Margaret Bardon, Trevor Ianna, Alice Lee, Kate Nolan, Katia Salem, Laurent Seibert A254-A266
Synchronous and asynchronous academic support for online students: A review of three technological tools PDF
Saib Dianati, Marcia Schubert A267-A285
Making the invisible visible PDF
Nicholas Charlton, Averil Martin A286-A300

ISSN: 1835-5196